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 What are the Warranty periods for Clear-Com products? 2 10/31/2011
 Printing Labels for the ICS 1008 and the ICS 1016 an from an Excel file 2 4/19/2017
 What Emission Class is the Tempest 2.4GHz system rated at? 1 11/16/2016
 Customer's shipment got stuck in customs because of the missing documents. Who do I contact? 0 6/30/2017
 Can customer place an order over the phone? 0 6/30/2017
 Can customer pick-up order from our facility? 0 6/30/2017
 Can anyone order from clear-com? 0 8/15/2014
 Other: Does Clear-Com drop ship? if so, is there a fee? 0 5/7/2017
 Can a dealer return an item for credit after 90 days? 0 6/30/2017
 A dealer wants to purchase FSII products but it is not on his Price List, can he buy them? 0 6/30/2017
 A customer claimed that they never received their shipment through UPS, who can they contact? 0 6/30/2017
 A customer received incorrect part than what it was ordered but the box was labelled correctly. What should they do? 0 6/30/2017
 Service: How do I contact HME Medical Paging systems tech support 0 2/9/2016
 Are your technical data and brochures available in your company website? 0 6/30/2017
 Can I return items for credit only that already passed the 90 day period? 0 6/30/2017
 Can you provide me with a List of all Clear-com Products with the corresponding country of origin and tariff code? 0 6/30/2017
 Can I pick-up my own shipment from your warehouse? 0 6/30/2017
 Can I get a demo or a loaner unit of a certain product? 0 6/30/2017
 What are the 6pin part Numbers for Clear-Com equipment? 0 7/5/2018
 Can an end-user purchase Clearcom headsets directly from Clearcom? 0 6/30/2017
 Can a dealer check their order status via on-line? 0 6/30/2017
 Can I check my order status and shipment tracking number on-line? 0 6/30/2017
 Other: Do you have a statement of works when commissioning a system 0 5/22/2017
 Wired Beltpack (BP) RIF in pdf Format 0 12/1/2011
 Wired Beltpack (BP) RIF in Excel Format 0 12/1/2011
 Matrix: How do I find the Dongle ID on an Eclipse Frame for passcode generation? 0 8/16/2018
 Matrix: How can I wipe the memory clean from an intercom panel before I send it in for service? 0 10/28/2011

Most popular solution: Hotfix for EHX failing to launch after .Net update.