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Solution 5122 : Helixnet: Does the HKB-2X & HRM-4X come with a power adapter?

Yes, they do. But not really...the HRM does and the HKB does when you buy it with the S-Mount stand, but the HKB, by itself, does not come with the power supply.

Note when powered by the AC Adapter, and connect via the digital powerline XLR connector, they DO NOT draw power from the Power Line Modem, so they will not draw from the power budget that the Belt Packs are using. (10 BPs per PLM)

You can also power the HRM and HKB via a POE (Power Over Ethernet) network connection.

1.      would you be able to advise what is the part number of the power supply for HKB?

A: The Clear-Com HRM / HKB Power Supply is a 48vDC 0.31 A supply.  Our Clear-Com part # is 453G025.


2.     HRM comes with power supply but not HKB?

A:  Yes. the HRM comes with a power supply as standard.

The HKB by itself is supplied without power supply (because it is supplied as a wall mount unit).

However the S-Mount for the HKB does come with power supply.


3.      Is the power supply for S-Mount the same as HKB and HRM?

A. Yes

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