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Solution 1428 : Matrix: Eprom information for Matrix +3 panels using external EPROM programmer
Question:  I have older legacy M+3 panels that aren't capable of flash firmware upgrades using the Matrix +3 firmware updater program.  Can I use the .bin files in the selected version firmware updater and use an EPROM programmer to reprogram the EPROM directly?

Answer:  Yes it is possible to update the 29C256 or 29C010A EPROM ICs directly using an EPROM programmer.  To access the EPROM directly remove the top cover from the selected legacy ICS series panel, ascertain the location of the socketed EPROM via the attached Matrix +3 EPROM chart and gently remove the IC from it's socket using anti-static procedures. 

Program the IC directly using a prom programmer and the selected .bin file from a selected version of Matrix +3 firmware updater, verify programming and return the IC back to its ICS series panel. 

Note that some legacy ICS series panels use both an odd and even EPROM in each panel (ICS-2003, ICS-2110). 

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