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Solution 6997 : What are the 6pin part Numbers for Clear-Com equipment?
(6-Pin) (RS502/602/702 and WP-6 and AB-100, AB-120)  (pic shows 3pin, but it’s a 6 pin connector … bad pictures, as are on most of these web sites)


the Switchcraft Chassis mount connectors are: D6M (male) and D6F (Female)


Cable mount Male



Cable mount Female


Clear-Com part numbers:

6 pin Female Chassis Mount 210309z


6 pin Male Chassis Mount 210004z


6 Pin Male part# 210072Z  Cable Mt.


6 Pin Female aCble Mt.

urrently there are two configurations of conventional 6 pin XLRs.  NEUTRIK offers both types of 6-pin configurations. The standard or "S" series NEUTRIK 6-pin XLR is Clear-Com compatible for use with RS-602 and RS-702 series beltpacks and the AB-100.  

The Euro version NEUTRIK 6-pin XLR has pins that are offset slightly from the "S" version and not compatible with Clear-Com products.  

To build 6-pin XLR patch cables for use with RS-602 / RS-702 beltpacks use the following Neutrik parts:
NC6FSXX - 6-pin female XLR
NC6MSXX - 6pin male XLR

To build 6-pin XLR wall plates use the following Neutrik part:

See diagram below:


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