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Solution 2040 : Wireless: FreeSpeak: How do I avoid configuring eavesdropping on an Eclipse-HX FSII beltpack
Unlike conventional analogue RF systems, Eclipse-HX maintains a dedicated and continuous audio stream to each of its online FreeSpeak II beltpacks even when the beltpacks are roaming from transceiver to transceiver.


In all cases, audio routing within the Eclipse-HX matrix is controlled by EHX, the systems configuration software.

Typically, EHX is used to configure FreeSpeak beltpacks keys to Talk and Listen to Party-lines, which are then implemented within the Eclipse-HX Matrix.

It is also possible to configure point to point communications between Intercom Panels and FSII beltpacks by assigning Talk keys.


If the Eclipse-HX System administrator requires remote monitoring, any of the systems control interfaces (EHX, HCI or Production Maestro Pro) can be used to route FSII audio with or without needing a button to be pressed at the FS II beltpack itself.


The following are examples of possible ways, which the Eclipse-HX system administrator can setup remote monitoring of a FS II beltpack …


·         Use EHX/Panels screen to configure a panel with a listen key to a FS II Beltpack

·         Use EHX/Partyline screen to make a FS II a permanent talker to a Partyline

·         Use EHX/Crosspoint map screen to route a FS II Beltpack to a destination

·         Use EHX/Local Advanced Forced listen to route audio from a FS II beltpack

·         Use EHX/Routes to Route audio from a FS II beltpack

·         Use EHX/Fast Key Assignment to enable Listen assignment to FS II beltpacks 

·         Use Logic Maestro to create a route from a beltpack

·         Use Production Maestro or HCI to route beltpack to a Four-wire



Key Notes


-          For remote monitoring to work, the belt packs headset microphone must not be muted locally (ref CC 300 and CC 400 microphone boom switch).

-          The EHX system provides no warning to an operator that his microphone is live.

-          The Eclipse System provides no easy way to limit Eavesdropping to only occur when an BP operator is pressing a Talk Key

-          Monitoring features must not be used if operators are required to know when their microphone is live.

-          This solution relates to all Eclipse-HX system software versions up to and including HX 8.5.


Key words 

“ Why is it possible to eavesdrop on an Eclipse–HX FSII beltpack ? “  

“ How do I avoid configuring  eavesdropping on an Eclipse-HX FSII beltpack ? “

“ How do I configure the Eclipse-HX system to monitor an Eclipse HX FSII audio ?”

“ How do I configure the Eclipse-HX system to monitor an Eclipse HX FSII audio, but only when the HX operator presses a Talk Key ?”

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