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Solution 1413 : Matrix: Can I change the User ID settings on a V-Series IP panel from software only?
There are two locations where the User ID on a V-Series IP panel have to be entered in order for the IP panel to log in successfully.  

1.  Locally at V-Panel – In order to access the “Local Menu” the user will have to disconnect the panel from the frame (remove the CAT-5 cable from the Ethernet RJ45 jack).  The panel will disconnect and the Local Menu will appear.  Press the Local Menu button and then press IP Setup to access “User ID” to change the User ID setting.  From this menu edit the user ID name using the pushbutton / lever key / rotary key depending on the type of V-Series panel deployed.

If you change the User ID setting locally you will need to change the User ID setting in ECS / EHX and download to frame before the IP panel goes back online. 

2.  From ECS or EHX software - The IP settings can be changed from the "Cards and Ports" menu in ECS or EHX software.  From this menu select the IVC-32 card and select the port # line and highlight it so that the advanced settings for the IP panel / port can be accessed.  Look for "IP Panel Options" and edit the User ID information so that it is the same as the information entered in step 1 locally at the panel. 

3.  Once steps 1 and 2 are completed the new information entered into ECS / EHX needs to be downloaded to the frame in order for the IP panel to reconnect to the system successfully.  Click on apply changes and initiate the download, when done the IP panel will log in back to the system and will be ready to use.

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