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Solution 1411 : Matrix: Matrix +3 Global IFB hardware and software setup with IFB-104
The diagrams below show the user how to initially setup hardware and software for a Matrix +3 frame with Global IFBs in a small studio application.
Note:  Solution is attached below as a PDF.

  • Hardware Setup

  • Software Setup

1.  Open M+3 PGM-WIN and go the Setup / Hardware and Labels / Ports screen and declare the IFB-104 ports as “IFB Out / Pgm In”, this will setup the parameters for the frame ports to be recognized as Global IFB ports.  When done click on the “Apply” button to enable the changes.

2.  Open the Configure / Applications screen, verify that Global IFB, Latch Disable and In-Use Tally all have check marks set.

3.  Open the Configure / Local Preferences screen, click on Interfaces, then highlight the IFB ports.  On the highlighted ports set the IFB Attenuation as desired, default setting is “Full Cut”, other settings are No Cut, -6, -12, -18 and 24db.  When done click on the “Apply” to enable changes.

4.  Open the Configure / Local Advanced screen, click on “Interfaces” on both left and right sides of screen.  Destinations are on the left side, highlight an IFB  destination and then highlight an IFB source on the right side and click on forced listen.  This routes a program source to a IFB destination.  Configure all Global IFB port source / destinations and then click on “Apply” to enable changes. 

5.  Open the Configure / Key Assignments tab and select a panel to place the Global IFB keys on.  Go into panel edit mode (white background) and select “Interfaces” labels and place the IFB talk and listen keys as needed on the panel as shown above, When done close panel edit mode by clicking on Select New and then click on the “Apply” button to enable the changes to the Matrix frame. 

When the Global IFB talk keys are enabled the IFB talent with the TR-50 / CC-10 earpiece will hear the program dim and and panel operator talk to them, when the talk key is released the audio program will resume to the IFB talent.

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