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Solution 1410 : Matrix: ECS / EHX Global IFB hardware and software setup with IFB-104
The diagrams below show the user how to initially setup hardware and software for Global IFBs in a small studio application.
Note:  Solution is attached below as a PDF.

  • Hardware Setup

  • Software Setup

1.  Open ECS / EHX and go the “Cards and Ports” screen, highlight the port that is to be declared as a Global IFB and then open the “Advanced Setting” column option for “Global Options”, enable Global IFB and enable specific Dimming Level

2.  Open the Local Advanced screen forced listens tab and set a forced crosspoint from the IFB source to the IFB destination by right-clicking on the intersection of the crosspoint on the grid

3.  Open the Panel Programming screen and place the Global IFB destination keys on the panel as Red talk keys, Green listen keys will monitor IFB source audio

4.  Complete the Global IFB setup by applying the change in ECS / EHX

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