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Solution 1409 : Matrix: Can Clear-Com supply Matrix +2 panel PROMs?
Question:  I recently purchased some Matrix +2 panels from the used market and want to use them with an existing Matrix +2 system running software version 12.0 for windows. Can I reflash the 27C256 proms or can I purchase programmed PROMs from Clear-Com?

Answer: Clear-Com can no longer supply Matrix +2 compatible PROMs for the frame or panels for this legacy product. The 27C256 PROMs are one shot programmable PROMs, once programmed they cannot be re-programmed. This would necessitate the purchase of unprogrammed 27C256 PROMs from a parts supplier and the correct Matrix +2 firmware bin file and a prom burner to create a programmed Matrix +2 panel PROM.

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