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Solution 2037 : Wireless: CCT-RT remote transceiver not working properly with CM-244 base station
Question:  I have a seamless roaming Tempest system consisting of three base stations with remote CCT-RT transceivers connected back to each base via CAT-5 cable.  I'm experiencing some issues with beltpack handovers between the three bases, the beltpacks are very slow to acquire one of the remote transceivers, once the beltpack does acquire the beltpack it will not allow it to switch off this particular CCT-RT until the signal level is nearly nothing.  The other two CCT-RT transceivers allow beltpacks to roam between them effortlessly.  I have verified via T-Desk and via the base station LCD tech menu display that the base is recognizing the remote antenna, the remote transceiver shows all LEDs on as expected. 
Do I have a bad CCT-RT?

Answer:  Recheck the CAT-5 cable connection between the suspect CCT-RT and the base station.  It is entirely possible that the sync pair on this CAT-5 cable is mis-wired or disconnected on this base / CCT-RT.  Use a reliable CAT-5 cable checker to verify the CAT-5 wiring, the wiring should be per T-568B standards. 

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