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Solution 1408 : Matrix: How do I reload a configuration file on a Matrix +3 frame?
Question:  I have a Matrix +3 frame and the building it is housed in took a lightning strike, we lost power and when the power came back on the Matrix +3 frame came up in a different configuration than what we use, all the panels now have default PL channels assigned to all the keys.  How do I reload the original operating configuration?

Answer:  If you have the M+3 configuration saved on the PC that operates the PGM-WIN software for the frame, you can reload it by the following procedure:

1. From the File drop down menu click on “Transfers”

2. In the Transfers dialog box select computer file from the “Source” column

3. In the Transfers dialog box select System Configuration from the “Destination” column” and then click on the “OK” button

4. You will now be prompted to look for the configuration file with the .cfg extension, once it is found highlight the config file  and then click on the “Open” button to download this file to the frame CPU card. 

5. Note the data transfer progress bar, when download is complete the progress bar will disappear and the config file is now downloaded to the frame.

6. Note that all the frame card data yellow LEDs should be blinking in unison.

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