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Solution 1406 : Wireless: How can I calculate the coaxial cable loss on PTX-3 / WBS-670/WBS-680 remote antenna options?
Question:  I'm a Clear-Com integrator installing several PTX-3 / PRC-2 UHF IFB systems at a site and I need to know if there is a simple way of calculating the RF loss through coaxial cable so that I can properly run the remote antennas for the IFB transmitters.  Is there a simple tool I can use to figure out the cable loss for a 50 ft run that will allow me to select the proper cable type to keep the loss under 3db?

Answer:  Yes, there are multiple web sites that can allow the user to select various stock RF coaxial cables and calculate the projected loss when the frequency and length of the specific cable type is selected.  Listed below are several links, these sites can also be accessed easily enough through a Goggle search.

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