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Solution 1405 : Wireless: I can't upgrade my Tempest 2.00.01 beltpacks to version 3.00 using code upgrader
Question:  I have several Tempest 2.00.01 beltpacks that I'm trying to upgrade to version 3.00 firmware.  When I try to connect them to code updater they do not upgrade the firmware in the beltpack and I get a message indicating that the bootloader in the beltpack needs to be upgraded.  What is happening?

Answer:  The bootloader code is a start up program on the Tempest beltpack.  If the Tempest code updater indicates that it needs to be upgraded please upgrade it as the new Tempest firmware probably won't load properly until the bootloader is upgraded to the current version. 

The other issue to watch out for when upgrading Tempest beltpacks from earlier versions to version 3.00 is to first upgrade the code upgrader to version 3.00, otherwise the the beltpack will not update the application firmware to version 3.00 properly.

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