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Solution 1403 : Matrix: ECS 5.2 installation issue "User Permissions" with Windows 7 computers
Question:  We are in the process of upgrading our Windows XP desktop PC with a new Windows 7 PC and have reloaded ECS 5.2 onto the new PC.  When we click on the ECS 5.2 icon to access ECS the PC displays the following message screen:

Answer:  Windows 7 has protections built into it that prevent unauthorized programs from making changes to the PC.  In order to get around this message and activate ECS software, click on the "OK" button to close the message screen. 

Locate the ECS icon on the PC desktop and right click on the ECS icon.  This will open a list of options that can accessed for ECS (shown below):

Click on the "Run as Administrator" option, this will close the options dialog screen. 
Click on the ECS 5.2 icon and the following screen will appear: "User Account Screen"

Click on "YES" to accept the changes, ECS will now start up and the user can access ECS functionality.

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