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Solution 1402 : Matrix: How do I change the IP address on an Omega frame running ECS version 5.1?
Question:  We have an Omega frame at our TV station and the IT department needs us to change the IP address to conform with IP addresses on the Ethernet network.  How do we change the IP address on the frame?  Do we need any special software to accomplish this?

Answer:  The IP address can be changed with the ECS 5.1 software.  To change the IP address follow these steps:

1.  Open ECS 5.1 with a valid configuration.  Verify that an Ethernet connection between the frame and PC exists. 

2.  Open the Matrix Event  Log, click on the Blue "Play" button and select the "Request Info" tab. 

3.  This will open the Request Matrix Information dialog screen, scroll down the list and highlight the "Change IP Address" line, this will open up the parameters for changing the IP address on the Eclipse 5.1 version frame.

4.  The following parameters will need to be determined for a successful change of the frame's IP address:
a -- Select LAN 1 or LAN 2 --> usually LAN 1 is selected in most applications
b -- IP Address --> type in the new IP address here
c -- Subnet Mask --> type in the new subnet  address here
d -- Default Gateway --> type in the new gateway address here
e -- Pincode --> after entering in the new IP address information type in 13438 as shown above, this will allow the user to complete the IP address change when the "Send" button is pressed ((Note -- when "Send" is pressed the frame will be reset!)

5.  Once the frame goes through it's reset process (give the frame at least 30 seconds to reset and the Ethernet connection to re-establish) go to the "My Systems" screen and enter in the new IP address in to the System 1 frame LAN 1 box.

6.  Once this is done click on the "Save and Activate" button to close this dialog screen.

7.  Go back to the Matrix Event Log and click on "Play" --> Request Info --> IP Address Dump.

8.  Click on the "Send" button to start the Matrix Event Log.  Observe the log results and verify that the new IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway address can be seen. 

Note:  Changing the IP address parameters may result in the ECS PC losing contact with the matrix and may require the Ethernet configuration of the PC to be changed.

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