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Solution 1401 : Wireless: Can I interface the DX-121 directly to an Encore PL system?
Question:  I have a need for a low cost single beltpack wireless system that can interface into my existing Encore Party-line system.  What does Clear-Com offer that will work in this situation?

Answer:  The DX-121 wireless system (BS-121 base station / BP200 beltpack) is the most cost effective solution to this question.  While the DX-121 doesn't interface directly to the 2-wire PL system, the use of a spare party-line series RS-501 or RS-601beltpack will provide the interface necessary to bridge the wireless audio signal to/from the wired PL system.  The DX-121 has a headset in / out that can be wired directly to the 4-pin XLR headset connections on the PL beltpack.  The headset audio levels can be adjusted manually via the front panel of the DX-121base station. 

See diagram below:

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