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Solution 1936 : Wireless: I can't get a decent null from Tempest base station to my Encore PL system
Question:  I just installed a small Encore PL system in a night club with live music.  I've added a Tempest 2 channel wireless to the PL system, but when I use the wireless beltpacks I hear a echo of my voice on the wireless beltpacks.  I've tried to null the Tempest base station but the echo remains.  Any ideas on what to do next? 

a... Check that the ECAN echo cancelation software is enabled on the Tempest base station.  This works in conjunction with the auto null circuitry on the 2-wire PL channels of Tempest.

b... Verify that the PL system has one termination set on each enabled PL wired channel.  This is normally done at the PL main station or power supply. 

c... Verify that the PL system has some number of connected wall stations, beltpacks or remote stations connected on the PL line, especially if the PL system is a "Starred System", that is a PL system with home run lines from a central patch bay (see diagram below).  Wired PL lines with no connected PL stations or beltpacks can cause the Tempest auto null to set a null point that is not correct, especially if beltpacks are plugged into the system after the null procedure is carried out.  As a rule of thumb auto null the Tempest base station AFTER the PL beltpacks and remote stations are connected to the PL lines. 

d... Some lightweight headsets used with Tempest wireless beltpacks can introduce acoustic echo from the mic element thru the mic boom assembly back to the earpiece on the headset.  This can cause additional issues with digital wireless intercoms.  Use a good quality headset on Tempest beltpacks to minimize this issue. 

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