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Solution 1399 : Partyline: How do I setup a pair of EF-701M interfaces for fiber modems?
Question:  I want to connect separate Encore party-line systems together via fiber modems.  How do I setup the EF-701M interfaces to accomplish this?

Answer:  The two switches on the rear panel of the EF-701M work independently of each other.  Switch 1 adjusts the EF-701M’s connector settings for use with either 4-wire fiber (the OFF position) or a matrix intercom (the ON position).
Switch 2 adjusts the EF-701M’s connector intercom levels for use with either Clear-Com equipment (the OFF position) or RTS-TW equipment (the ON position). Table 1-1 summarizes the mode switch settings (see table 1-1 below). 

Note:  Use the DB-15 connector pin outs for the connection to the fiber modem. 

EF-701M rear panel showing the position of the mode switches for Matrix / Direct and Clear-Com / TW operation. 

If you want to connect Encore PL systems together then set both EF-701M units to have 
switch #1 OFF
switch #2 OFF
Note:  Both EF-701M units will need to powered by the Partyline system they are connected to 

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