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Solution 1398 : Matrix: What are my options for latch disabling a label key on a Matrix +3 system?
Question:  From station port 30 [FolyM] when I talk to VADRM, that key sometimes latches and stays on. When I go into config, I'm pretty sure I have "latch disable" checked for FOLYM and VADRM. Do you have to go into the port [ICS 92] that you are dealing with and "latch disable" every destination it can talk to? Is there one latch disable that can prevent ANY destination key from latching?

Answer:  There are several menus in the Matrix +3 PGM-WIN software to verify if a label key is set for non-latching operation:

• Global Advanced tab in the configure menu – as the name implies if you set a check mark in the latch disable column in this menu the key label will be latch disabled on every panel in the system.

• Local Advanced tab in the configure menu – in this menu the key label can be set for latch disable on a particular panel only if set up properly, that is highlight the desired key label from the right side column that is to be latch disabled and set the check mark and then highlight the desired destination panel location on the left side column that will host the latch disabled key and set the check mark for it. After the change is applied the key should be latch disabled on a specific panel.

• One other possibility, check the firmware version on the panel with the latch / non-latching issue, this could possibly cause an issue if the panel has the wrong firmware version .

• The last possibility could be that you are dealing with a panel that has a defective lever key or some other hardware issue. If you have a spare it might be worth substituting it temporarily to see if the issue is corrected.

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