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Solution 1394 : Partyline: Are RS-501 series beltpacks still serviceable / repairable?
Question:  We have 4 or more RS 501 belt packs currently non operational due to various transmit/receive problems. Please tell us if this model is still serviceable, what the related basic costs would be and for comparison, what the cost of replacement with the RS 601 would be. We currently operate with a mix of these two models.

Answer:  Starting December 1, 2011 customers will be informed at the time they inquire about an RS-500 beltpack repair that we charge a Flat Rate of $112 to repair any covered beltpack, including return shipping by UPS (ground) to anywhere in the US.  

International shipping, expedited shipping, customs, taxes, etc will still remain the customer’s responsibility.  They can accept this charge by providing a PO and/or credit card information with the return of the beltpack.  No discounts will apply.  (Please see attached Repair Information Form – RIF – for more details).  Additionally, we will extend the warranty on the repair for 6 months.

Beltpacks considered BER (Beyond Economical Repair) will be returned to the customer FOC or discarded per the customer’s instructions.

The standard list price of an RS-601 beltpack can be found through a Clear-Com authorized dealer, see options from the Clear-Com partners contact page:

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