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Solution 1151 : Partyline: What are the accessory jack pinouts for a Kenwood TK-3301 to a TW-47 interface?
Question:  I'm looking for the custom cable wiring to use a Kenwood TK-3301 portable 2-way radio on the 9-pin DB connector of a Clear-com TW-47.  Do you have any information about this?

Answer:  The TK-3301 radio uses 3.5mm and 2.5mm set of phone plugs to connect out to a remote speaker / mic.  See the diagram below for the pin outs to the radio.  To trigger the transmit function on the radio setup the VOX transmit function or incorporate the PTT function on the TW-47.  The pin outs and dip-switch settings for the TW-47 can be found in the TW-47 manual:

Kenwood 2-pin wiring pin-outs

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