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Solution 1147 : Partyline: I want to take a dry balanced audio feed and patch it into a Clear-Com PL line, how do I accomplish this?
Question:  I have a Clear-Com Question.  Is there a way to get an audio feed into the signal chain of a clearcom setup.  I work in an theater environment which does alot of musicals, where the lighting engineer and spot guy is on Clear-Com and is following their script for their cues so they need to be able to hear the the mic'd actors on stage.

Right now we are using room mics with monitors besides them but since they are on Clear-Com, I thought it would be better if we could take an aux out from the audio console and feed it into the clear com feed and mix it in behind their own communications.
At least that way it would be direct from the console and would be direct into the ears. I am a bit concerned with the phantom power that is on the clear com line and how it might come back into the aux of the board and do some damage.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Answer:  This can be accomplished in several different ways depending on the equipment already deployed on site.  The simplest approach would be to use a spare RS-501 or RS-601 beltpack connect it to the PL line via the 3-pin XLR IC connection and taking the 4-pin XLR headset Mic feed on pin 2 (Mic high) and pin 1 (Mic low) and connecting these pins to the Aux Out on the audio console.  Depending on the audio level from the mixing console the mic gain on the CC beltpack may need to be adjusted. 

Another method to introduce balanced dry audio into the unbalanced Clear-Com PL IC feed is via a 2 or 4 channel PL main station via the "program in" XLR (MS-702) or auxiliary DB-15 (MS-704) connector and routed to a specific PL channel as required, see diagram below:

Clear-Com also provides several interfaces that allow for 2-wire PL conversion to dry balanced 4-wire connections, interface module EF-701M provides one channel of conversion, the IF4W4 provides up to 4 channels of 2 to 4-wire conversion.  See diagram below for EF-701M solution:

Note:  using these Party-line interfaces, main stations or beltpacks will dry out the wet intercom feed (+30Vdc) back to the mixing console Auxiliary output

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