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Solution 1390 : Matrix: How do I setup default GN, HS and sidetone levels for an I-station in ECS?
Select the I-station panel port in Matrix Hardware (ECS 5.1.3 or earlier or Cards and Ports in ECS 5.2.2 forwards), go to the advanced settings column and select the Level Adjustments section to make your edits to Gooseneck Mic, HS Mic and Sidetone.  Adjust the sliders for the desired audio levels, then go to the "Apply Changes" button to configure the proper download to frame to save these settings.  
- Select the apply changes button > select Options > select the tick boxes for reset frame  & clear frame memory (BLACK RESET) and apply these changes

If you select a simple apply changes to frame or a "reset frame" (RED RESET) download these will not change the local settings to match the new settings you have set in ECS for GN, HS or Sidetone.  

Users can still locally change the settings to the GN, HS mics and sidetone but every time a BLACK RESET is performed the I-station will revert back to the saved settings in ECS. 

Apply Changes dialog screen configured for a "BLACK RESET" (check marks on Reset frame and Clear frame memory)

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