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Solution 1389 : Matrix: How can I cross reference the ECS 5.2 software release to the firmware versions associated with the release?
Question:  I just received my Eclipse 5.2 Median system and want to document the firmware versions associated with the frame, panels and interfaces.  How can I easily do this?

Answer:  Associating the ECS version release with the firmware embedded on the frame, panels and interfaces can be done in several different ways:

1.  From the ECS customer release notes, they are located on the ECS version x.x.x DVD in the documents folder, view the charts for information on the firmware versions on all associated frame cards, panels and interfaces. 

2.  If ECS is installed and operating properly with the Eclipse frame, go to the Layout Menu, right click on the Green frame and select "Firmware Report", this will create a report of all frame card firmware versions, all connected panel versions and any interface cards that require firmware versions.

3.  On the Clear-Com website the current ECS 5.2 firmware versions are listed on the support page under "Software Versions", URL is:

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