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Solution 1388 : Wireless: I need to remote both WBS-680 base station antennas to the top of my rack, does Clear-Com offer a solution for this?
Question:  I have a WBS-680 installed in a rack, I understand this is not the best option for the antennas to be hidden behind the rack.  Can I remote both antennas to the top of the rack and if so does Clear-Com offer a remote antenna kit for this purpose and how many kits would I need for a single WBS base station?

Answer:  Clear-Com does offer a remote antenna kit for the WBS-670 or WBS-680 base station, it is called the AN-680EXT antenna extension kit. 

Each kit would supply the following items:
1 mounting bracket
1 adapter
1 ten foot coaxial cable with the appropriate connectors for the base station and antenna ends

If the customer wants to remote both antennas on the WBS base station they will need to order two AN-680EXT kits.

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