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Solution 1385 : Wireless: Is there a way I can determine coaxial cable loss when remoting WBS-670/680 antennas?
Several web sites have coaxial cable loss calculators that allow the user to enter these parameters
- the cable type, 
- operational frequency 
- distance.  
Once these 3 parameters are known the calculator determines the projected loss in DBs.  Times Microwave has a very good coaxial cable calculator, link to web page is:

Typically the maximum loss that nullifies the advantage of running coaxial cable to remote the WBS antennas can vary between 3db and 6db depending on the coverage pattern required by the beltpack.  Actual measured values may vary somewhat from the calculated numbers based on manufacturing tolerances, cable length, connectors, operating frequency, and measurement accuracy.

Good 50 ohm coaxial cable selections for extending cables 50 feet or more are:

Belden 9913

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