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Solution 1383 : Matrix: Can I reuse AT27C256 EPROMs to upgrade M+3 ICS-92 panels to Eclipse format?
Question:  I'm planning to upgrade multiple M+3 version ICS-92 panels to Eclipse, I've determined that the current COM-1 is compatible with Eclipse, but do I need to replace the AT27C256 EPROM as well?

Answer:  The current M+3 and Eclipse version ICS-92 panels use the AT29C256 EPROM in a 28 pin DIP package.  This is an electronically erasable part which allows for firmware updates via the M+3 firmware updater and the ECS firmware updater utilities, thus the need for an EPROM programmer is not necessary to upgrade the embedded firmware on a frame or attached panel.  Some ICS-92 panels now have a AT29C256 in a PLCC package mounted in a socket with a DIP format 28 pin adapter. 

Note: The AT27C256 EPROM used in M+2 version ICS-92 panels was either a one time programmable part or a UV erasable part only.  In Matrix +2 systems if the user wanted to upgrade a system to a newer version the user was required to replace all frame and panel EPROMs with newer version EPROMs.  No firmware updater existed for M+2 systems.

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