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Solution 1052 : Partyline: Can I mix Encore MS-702 main stations with PL Pro RS-501 beltpacks?
Question:  I have a PL Pro party-line system using a MS-232 main station and multiple RS-501 series beltpacks.  The main station was stolen and we want to replace it, I see that the MS-232 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Encore Party-line MS-702 main station.  My question is this MS-702 main station compatible with my existing RS-501 beltpacks?  Is the wiring compatible? 

Answer:  The good news is that the Encore series of party-line products are completely compatible with the older PL Pro party-line series of products.  Specifically in this case the MS-702 main station is a direct drop in replacement for the MS-232 main station.  The wiring is exactly the same and the MS-702 is compatible with older series RS-501 beltpacks. 

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