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Solution 1381 : Wireless: Registering Tempest Beltpacks to a specific static display slot
Question:  I have a Tempest System and want to assign the 5 beltpacks to specific slots on the base station.  How do I properly go about this?

First, go to the base station and verify that the base is set to normal mode via the Mode Settings menu.  This allows up to five beltpacks to be registered to the base station in full duplex mode.  Next set the base station to static slot mode, go to the base station Tech Menu and select Display Slot Assignment menu, set the check mark to "Static".  This completes the base station configuration. 

Configure the beltpacks as follows:
1.  Access the beltpack Tech Menu

2.  Select the Base Slot Menu, press Enter

3.  Using either volume control select a static slot from 1 to 5 for each beltpack and press Enter to confirm the selection.  Do not select the same static slot for more than one beltpack, otherwise the beltpacks won't be able to log in properly.

4.  When done each of the five beltpacks will be setup with it's own specific slot from 1 to 5.  This will allow the beltpacks to power up on the same slot number everytime. 

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