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Solution 5020 : Tempest: Why do I hear a echo in my Tempest beltpack headset when I connect my Clear-Com to a wired PL system?
Question:  I'm listening to my Tempest beltpack and hear an echo when I talk on my beltpack (not sidetone) when the base station is plugged into a Clear-Com 2-wire party-line intercom and the Tempest base is enabled for 2-wire intercom.  How do I get rid of the unwanted echo on the beltpack?

Audio may develop an echo that is heard in the wireless beltpacks until the base station 2-wire channel(s) are nulled. The echo should not prevent communication but is undesirable. The volume levels into or out from Tempest may need adjusting so that relative volumes are the same.

On the Tempest basestation do the following 
• Adjust the Intercom Type Slide Switches to appropriate manufacturer compatible setting - Clear-Com in this instance
• Select 2-Wire connection for the appropriate channels on the base station (A, B, C and or D)
• Connect the Tempest basestation to a powered 2-Wire system.
• Auto-Null the system.
• Adjust IN/OUT volume levels between the Tempest Wireless System and the 2-Wire system.

In the Base Station’s Tech Menu is a selection for “Echo Cancellation” (ECAN). This refers to software that assists in removing echo from 2-Wire intercom connections. Hardware connections need to be optimized with the null procedure to minimize echo in the physical link so that the software can remove any residual echo.

In the Tech menu, “Echo Cancellation” is “ON” by default, but is only enabled for channels that are selected for operation with a
2-Wire intercom and have a physical connection to a 2-Wire system.

ECAN is disabled while the Base Station’s Auto-Null or Manual Null menu screens are active, to ensure that the hardware is
optimized for echo reduction. When ECAN is enabled, it requires up to 10 seconds of active audio to achieve maximum efficiency. Brief loud active audio can help accelerate efficiency.

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