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Solution 1377 : Matrix: M+3 software Forced Listen configuration setup
Question:  I'm using M+3 PGM-WIN software to setup some forced listen feeds from an MP3 player connected to the frame out to some direct 4-wire IFB configured ports on the frame.  I found the local advanced screen in the configure menu, but I don't know which side is for source feeds and or destination listens.  Can you advise?

Go to local advanced screen in the configure menu and follow these steps to set up a forced listen feed:

1.) Use left hand side of screen to select either an interface or station as the destination port listen

2.) Use the right hand side of screen, select the source type, either station or interface (controls, party-lines, fixed groups cannot be associated with forced listen feeds). Select the source port and check mark the box associated with it in the forced listen column

3.) Go to the bottom of the local advanced screen and click on the "Apply" button to initiate the forced listen feed on the frame.

Note:  See example forced listen setting on local advanced screen below.

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