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Solution 1150 : Matrix: Part numbers for Matrix +2 Panel firmware files
Question:  I have a Matrix +2 MCF-10 frame running various ICS-2002, ICS-92, ICS-1502, ICS-2102 and ICS-102 panels.  I would like to have spare EPROMs for the panels in case a panel fails, I understand the system is no longer supported by Clear-Com but are the firmware .bin files still available?  I have access to a prom burner and can source the 27C256 blank EPROMs from Digi-Key or Newark. 

Answer:  As the MTX+2 product is now obsolete access to these files from Clear-Com maybe limited. We advise that you copy a eprom from your working panels into the spare proms. 
Please feel free to Contact Clear-Com service support to inquire about access to the firmware bin files for Matrix +2 panels.  The specific firmware bin files are version dependant, that is if your system is running Matrix +2 version 11.4 then you will need the bin file supporting version 11.4.  Below is a list of compatible Matrix +2 panels and the part numbers for the firmware bin files.

M+2 Station Model #EPROM part #Digital / AnalogIC Type
ICS-2002 / 1802710293  (ic9)analog27C256
ICS-2002T / 1802T710311  (ic9)digital27C256
ICS-52 / 92710341  (ic8)analog27C256
ICS-52 / 92T710348  (ic8)digital27C256
ICS-2102710329  (ic9)analog27C256
ICS-2102T710331  (ic9)digital27C256
ICS-1502710302  (ic9)analog27C256
ICS-1502T710312  (ic9)digital27C256
ICS-62 / 102710305  (ic8)analog27C256
ICS-62 / 102T710313  (ic8)digital27C256

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