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Solution 1375 : Wireless: Beltstation Menu Lock Feature Tempest ver2.10

This is a new security feature that will allow administrators to lock users out of the Beltpack menus. Access can only be granted with a three-digit security key. This key code is initially entered at the Basestation via the “Tech Menu”. That key is then passed on to all Beltpacks at the time of pairing. Once paired, the Beltpack can be locked using its own menu system by selecting “Menu Lock”.

The menu lock will work independently of the other “Lock Key” settings within the Beltpack. Once a Beltpack has been menu locked, the MENU button will no longer function. If the MENU button is pressed, a message is displayed on the screen stating the “Beltstation has been menu locked, Press ENT to enter security key”. After pressing ENT, the user can rotate the knobs to scroll through values and either press ENT or the knob itself to select the value for each digit. If the key code is ever changed at the Basestation, the Beltpacks would use the old key code until a re-pair is performed to that Basestation.

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