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Solution 1374 : Matrix: Matrix +3 Software / Firmware updater release history
M+3 VersionRelease DateSoftware / FirmwareNotes
2.4.1Mar-06separate PGM-Win / updaterlast officially released version of M+3 by Clear-Com
2.4.0Nov-05separate PGM-Win / updaterfixed issues with in use tallies and audio presence tallies, panel programming layout
2.3.7Feb-02separate PGM-Win / updaterfirst version to support I-station and expansion panel use
2.3.0Jan-01separate PGM-Win / updaterseparate PGM-Win programming software and firmware updater, MVX-A8/D8 released
2.2May-00combined software / updater 
2.1Oct-99combined software / updaterMTX-D8 released, MTX-L8 released, ICS-1016 released, Japanese version support
2Aug-99combined software / updaterICS-2003T, ICS-2110T, ICS-1502T, ICS-102T, ICS-92T, ICS-2002T, ICS-2102T
1.1Feb-99combined software / updaterICS-2003 released
1Jun-97combined software / updaterTEL-14 released, ICS-21/22/24 released, IMF-3 released
2.3.9                NA                     NA                                   not released
2.3.8                NA                     NA                                   not released

The Matrix+3 system (matrix and panels) is now obsolete and therefore spare parts may not be available. Contact Clear-Com for availability. 
The Matrix+3 system (matrix and panels) is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Eclipse system. Contact Clear-Com sales for more information about the Eclipse matrix 

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