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Solution 1285 : Concert: How do I update the license key on the Concert EMS Server?
Question:  I currently have Concert Server version 2.5.0 installed on my server PC with a license key that allows 10 user limit.
I want to upgrade to a 25 user limit license key.  How do I get the new license key and do I have to re-install the EMS server software on the server PC?

Answer:  You will need to supply Clear-Com sales the current serial number from the EMS License page of the server install and pay for a new license key.  Clear-Com will send you a new license key that corresponds to the serial number from the EMS server, simply type in the new license key and press the submit button to update the server software.  The user limit should now reflect the new user limit purchased.  No need to re-install the server software.  

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