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Solution 1372 : Matrix: Matrix +3 Analog / Digital EPROM chart
The chart below shows all analog and digital Matrix +3 station EPROMs.

Note that the I-Station and it's expansion panel are not on this list. Istation panels use a flash programmable embedded EPROM that can be manually reprogrammed using a PC download directly to the I-station or expansion panel.  

Most Matrix+3 panels (including Istations) can be upgraded automatically while connected to the matrix using the Firmware updater application. The last set of Matrix+3 released firmware (including the firmware updater) can be found on the Clear-Com web site > support >firmware downloads >matrix+3 

The Matrix+3 system (matrix and panels) is now obsolete and therefore spare parts may not be available. Contact Clear-Com for availability. 
The Matrix+3 system (matrix and panels) is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Eclipse system. Contact Clear-Com sales for more information about the Eclipse matrix 

This chart is also attached below.

Station Model #EPROM part #Digital / AnalogIC Type
ICS-2003710430 rev F (ic5) oddanalog29C010
 710431 rev F (ic11) evenanalog"
ICS-2003T710492 rev E (ic5)digital29C010
 710493 rev E (ic11)digital"
ICS-1802 / 2002710412 rev F (ic9)analog29C256
ICS-1802 / 2002T710509 rev E (ic9)digital"
ICS-2102710418 rev F (ic9)analog29C256
ICS-2102Txxxxxx rev C (ic9)digital"
ICS-2110710476 rev D (ic11) evenanalog29C010
 710477 rev D (ic5) oddanalog"
ICS-2110T710494 rev E (ic11) evendigital29C010
 710495 rev E (1c5) odddigital"
ICS-1502710413 rev F (ic9)analog29C256
ICS-1502T710496 rev E (ic9)digital"
ICS-52 / 92710414 rev F (ic8)analog29C256
ICS-52 / 92T710499 rev F (ic8)digital"
ICS-1016710481 rev E (ic11)analog29C010
ICS1008710481 rev E (ic11)analog"
ICS-62 / 102710416 rev F (ic8)analog29C256
ICS-62 / 102T710498 rev E (ic8)digital"
ICS-21 710532 rev B (ic2)analogPIC16F505
ICS-22710532 rev B (ic2)analog 
ICS-24710532 rev B (ic2)analog 

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