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Solution 1478 : Wireless: Can I remote Tempest 2400 antennas on the Remote transceiver via coaxial cable?
Tempest basestations are supplied with 2x 1/2 wave whip antennas. These are located directly on the basestation or can be located directly on the CCT-RT Remote transceiver. 

The 1/2 wave whip antenna can be remoted from the Basestation or the Remote transceiver - using LMR-195 or LMR-400 cable. We do not recommend using RG58 style cable as the signal loss is too high

To remotely locate Tempest 2400 antennas the use high quality, low loss, 50 Ohm RF cable terminated with an RP-TNC connector for the  BaseStation side connection and the appropriate antenna mating connector on the other end. LMR-195 (or equivalent) coaxial cables can satisfactorily be used in lengths up to 10 feet. (3m)

LMR-400 coaxial cables (or equivalent) can be used at lengths up to 25 feet (7.5m). Longer RF coaxial cable runs are not recommended due to signal attenuation in the cable.

Some important things to remember when placing Tempest antennas:

1. Every antenna has a certain pattern of coverage for which it is useful. The patterns of both Tempest antennas need to overlap in the desired coverage area to ensure best RF results.

Don’t point directional antennas in two different directions

Don’t separate omni-directional antennas too far away from each other

2. Both antennas are necessary and equally important. Redundant Data Transmit 2xTX, transmissions from both antennas must regularly reach the belt packs to have a robust, successful RF link.

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