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Solution 1308 : Wireless: Steps to follow if Tempest 2-wire PL doesn't work with CC PL station
Question:  After connecting my Tempest base station 2-wire PL to a Clear-Com MS-702 main station the wired PL users can't hear the wireless beltpack users and the wireless beltpack users can't hear the wired PL users.  What steps should I follow to troubleshoot the issue?

Answer:  The connection between the Clear-Com MS-702 Pl main station to the Tempest base station is straight forward but there are some items if not properly set will prevent the 2-wire comms from operating properly from the wireless to wired link.  Here are some checklist items to check:

1. Check that the channel in use on the Tempest base (A, B, C or D) is set to 2-wire mode on the base front panel

2. Verify that the front panel 2-wire input / output levels (A, B, C or D) are set to some nominal level and not set to “off”

3. Verify that the front panel intercom slide switch is set to Clear-Com mode

4. Null the Tempest base station two wire IC after it is connected to the MS-702 PL main station

5. Verify that the 3-pin XLR cable is good (no open / cross connected or shorted pins and that pin 1 is not connected to XLR case shell)

6. Verify that the wireless beltpack users are enabled to talk to the proper channel (A, B, C or D)

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