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Solution 1329 : Matrix: Removal of MSXML6 Parser during ECS 5.1.13 installation

If the SQL Server install has reported an error caused by an MSXML6 file this file should be removed before retrying the SQL Server installation.  To remove the MSXML6 parser a utility called “msicuu2.exe” is available from Microsoft downloads. It is usually not possible to remove the XML parser from Add/Remove Programs. 

Full details of how to remove the MSXML6 file can be found in the ECS manual 


Download and run the utility “msicuu2.exe” and follow the installer prompts. 


Click on ‘Next’ to start the installation of the utility. The license agreement will be displayed. 


Click on the radio button to accept the license agreement and then click on ‘Next’ to continue. Confirmation to continue will be requested. 


Click on ‘Next’ to continue with the installation.  When the utility has been installed the completion screen is displayed. 


Click on ‘Finish’ to exit the installer. The run the utility select ‘Start’ and then ‘All Programs’. From the programs list select “Windows Install Clean Up”.  When the utility is run it will display a list of all the programs that can be removed.  Select MSXML6 Service Pack 2.


Click on ‘Remove’ to remove this package and retry the SQL Server installation.

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