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Solution 1363 : Printing Labels for the ICS 1008 and the ICS 1016 an from an Excel file

Attached to this solutions file there is an Excel file with labels for the ICS 1008 and 1016, each on a different tab (at the bottom of the page).


Just replace, or write over the label names on the sheet with the appropriate ones from your system. The program is set up to accommodate any amount of letters in the cell, but to maintain consistancy between the 5 character labels names used in matrix hardware use the same label name in the Excel file. 


Two formats are provided, black on white background and white on black background .


Cut the strips right at the lines, as the space to slip the labels into is very narrow. Remember that the first top and bottom labels on the left are CLEAR and REPLY, labeled on the keys directly so leave the first slot blank.


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