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Solution 1362 : Matrix: Can I use a FIM-202 on Matrix interfaces as well as Panels?

With a pair of FIM-202 fiber interfaces the user can remote one or two Eclipse or Matrix ports from the frame to distances further than what CAT-5 can support (CAT-5 can be used up to 3000 feet (1000m) when directly connected to a frame MVX-16 port.)

Using FIM-202 fiber interfaces the users can remote panels up to 12 miles (19Km) from the frame over single mode fibre cable.


The user can remote two Eclipse or Matrix+3 panels using the FIM-202.

The user can also use the FIM-202 to remote the following interfaces: CCI-22, TEL-14, FOR-22


For example, using a Clear-Com CCI-22 dual party-line interface at one end, you can connect two independent, external 2-wire

party line systems to the central matrix over large distances.


Or, with a Clear-Com TEL-14 Telephone Interface Module, you can send telephone audio to the central matrix over a secured, interference-free fiber-optic line.


By using a Clear-Com FOR-22 4-wire interface module, you can send 4-wire audio plus transmit keying over a

fiber-optic line.


You can also use a Clear-Com EF-701M to interface 2-wire Clear-Com or RTS party lines to the central matrix over a fiber-optic link.

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