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Solution 2048 : Wireless: Can I lock out accidental page changes on the CellCom Beltpack?

Keylock allows the scroll buttons to be disabled when on the main page after 3 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental activation.


To enable Keylock enter the BP menu 

• Select Button options on the programming menu


• Select keylock on the button options menu and use the scroll buttons to select Keylock On or Keylock Off.


• Press the answerback button (large oval button slightly below the two scroll buttons) to set the keylock mode. If keylock is ON, a symbol will be displayed on the main pages showing that the keys are locked. To temporarily disengage keylock press and hold the scroll keys simultaneously for 3 seconds. A short beep in the headphones will signal that the keylock has been disengaged.  The beltpack user can now scroll from page 1 to 2 or 3.  keylock will come back on after several seconds of inactivity. 

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