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Solution 1356 : Matrix: How to verify the firmware version on an unknown M+3 frame?

There are three ways to approach determining the firmware version of an unknown Matrix +3 using a PC loaded with Matrix +3 software (PGM-WIN). 


1.  Use the latest version of Matrix +3 software on a PC and attempt to connect to the frame using a standard serial com port connection.  Once the frame goes into "On-line" mode with a green background go to the diagnostics section and select "Firmware Version Report".  This will create a report of all the current frame and panel firmware and this will provide the answer to the question of what version the frame and panels reside at.  This then allows the user to select the proper version of PGM-WIN to use with the frame.


2.  Connect to the Matrix +3 frame with an earlier version of PGM-WIN and attempt to go on-line to the frame.  If the frame is running a later version of frame firmware a dialogue box will open indicating that the current software is incompatible with the firmware version 2.X.X and that the software should be upgraded to match the version appearing in the dialogue box. 


3.  If display stations are used in the Matrix +3 system then the stations if they are on-line (connected)  with the frame can be interrogated directly for the frame firmware version in the display.  This is true for  ICS-92, ICS-2003 and I-Stations. 

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