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Solution 1352 : Wireless: Can I remote the WBS basestation AN-680 antenna via coaxial cable?

Yes, the AN-680 1/2 wave antenna which is fitted as standard on the WBS basestation can be remotely located via a low loss coaxial cable.  The 1/2 wave antenna has an internal ground plane and this allows for it to be remotely located quite easily. 


Using a low loss 50 ohm coaxial cable such as Belden 9913 or LMR-400 the AN-680 antenna can be remotely placed approximately 50 to 75 feet  (15.2m - 23m) from the base station with custom cables before the loss in cable negates the advantage of remotely relocating the antenna. 


Cable loss is determined by the frequency of the signal, length of the coaxial cable used and the cable type involved.  Loss or attenuation is measured in dB. 


General information on long antenna cables

Sometimes it is necessary, and even desirable, to locate antennas some distance from the wireless receiver(s). In these cases, RF coaxial cables can be used to connect remote antennas to the receiver inputs. However, keep in mind that coaxial cables present signal loss problems that in turn reduce operating range. The amount of loss depends upon the size, construction and quality of the cable and upon the system’s operating frequency.


It is preferable to run audio cables out over long distances, locating the wireless intercom base station closer to the beltpack users, thus keeping RF cables short. This is particularly true when cable runs will be more than longer than 75 feet (23 m) or so. If remotely locating the wireless intercom base station is not feasible in a given application, using a high-quality, low-loss cable and keeping the loss to 3 or 4dB or less is recommended.



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