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Solution 1209 : Matrix: How to Register CellCom/Freespeak Beltpacks to E-QUE enabled Eclipse Frame
1. Open ECS on host PC, establish an ethernet connection to the frame and bring up the ‘Beltpacks’ selection from the menu bar in the Setup Eclipse header.

2. From the ‘Beltpacks’ screen observe any previously registered beltpacks/serial numbers that are no longer part of the current ECS configuration map. Remove these entries on the screen by highlighting the line with your mouse/touchpad pointer and selecting the ‘Delete’ button option at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select a blank row on the ‘Beltpacks’ screen, then select ‘Register Beltpacks’ button to start the registration process.

4. Observe that a pop up dialog screen is now open describing the procedure on how to register a new beltpack to the Eclipse frame.

5. Connect the PD4007 beltpack programming cable to a serial comport on the host PC, determine the proper comport, connect the 3.5mm cable end to an un-registered beltpack. Power up the pack, the LCD screen will display ‘searching’ on the screen.

6. Press the ‘Register’ button on the dialog screen, after a few seconds a new dialog screen will appear indicating the following message “The beltpack has been successfully registered to DECT System Identifier XXX” which should correspond to the unique system ID already programmed in the frame’s configuration map. Press ‘OK’ button to continue and close dialog screen.

7. Disconnect the beltpack and connect another unregistered beltpack to the programming cable and repeat steps 5 and 6 for all remaining beltpacks. Once all remaining beltpacks are programmed close the ‘Register Beltpacks’ dialog screen. All beltpacks registered in this manner will display Beltpack in the type column and a four digit number in the serial number column.

8. To finish the registration process download the updated configuration map to the frame with a Red Reset (reset frame after download check box is checked), after the reset of frame the registered beltpacks will display the following message “select beltpack role”, select roles as needed to bring beltpacks on-line with programmed talk/listen labels.

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