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Solution 1034 : Wireless: What are the operational ranges of the WBS-670 and WBS-680 intercoms?
1) WTR/WBS 670 - what is the operating distance
For outdoors use in line of site situations typically the range can be approximately 500 feet (150m) or more, dependant on antennas (standard whip antennas directly connected to base will not be as effective versus remotely connected standard whips via short coaxial cable extensions), frequency band selected (lower UHF frequencies propagate better than UHF higher up in the band), competing on air UHF TV and other UHF wireless which can possibly de-sense wireless intercom in the same band).

2) WTR/WBS 680 - what is the operating distance
Same comments as above for the WBS-670 system.

3) other then extending/placing (using AN-680EXT) the 1/2 wave antenna at remote areas, is there any options to add additional antennas or booster?
Third party wireless companies provide passive directional antennas that can provide an increase in range provided the beltpacks stay in the
coverage path of the antenna. Some third party companies also provide custom antenna systems including combiners and or multicouplers but these can be very expensive and nearly match the cost of the wireless intercom itself. With these alternatives one must be careful to verify the connector types (BNC and or TNC) to insure properly compatibility with the WBS base station.

4) can the extension cable be more then 10ft?
Extension cables can be longer than 10 feet, but length is determined by the following factors, frequency, length and the type of coaxial cable selected. Premium coaxial cables such as Belden 9913 or 9914 can provide up to 75 feet (23m) of length before the loss in the cable itself exceeds the benefit of remoting the antennas. Smaller gauge cables such as RG58 yield very short distances (20 feet or less) before the loss exceeds any benefit to remoting the antenna.

5) PTX-3/PRC-2 - what is the operating distance
Since this product operates at a higher RF output (250 mW versus the WBS at either 50 or 100 mW) one can expect to get up to 1000 feet (300m) in outdoor venues in line of site situations. Getting the transmit antenna above obstructions and or people will improve the range to the receivers, this applicable to the WBS base station transmit and receive antennas.

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