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Solution 1051 : Wireless: What is a UPX-10 / RCV-2

The UPX-10 is an obsolete UHF wireless IFB transmitter basestation


The RCV-2 is an obsolete UHF wireless IFB receiver units


See attached file below for UPX 10 data sheet


These units have been replaced by the PTX-3 (wireless IFB transmitter basestation) and PRC-2 (wireless IFB receiver units)


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Production Wireless Services in Burbank California still provides repair services on the UPX-10 / RCV-2 wireless IFB systems. 

Production Wireless Services

1821 West Verdugo Ave.
Burbank, CA 91506  USA

(818) 840-9311
(800) 210-1266
Fax (818) 840-0596






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