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Solution 1337 : Matrix: Obtaining Eclipse configuration information
As orders are placed for existing Eclipse Systems, the need to know exactly what the customer is running on their frame is mandatory. Some customers may have difficulty providing the information.

Steps to help them help us...

1) Open ECS Program (G U I )
2) Open a Config... the one you’re running on the frame .. or a recent one if not sure it doesn’t mater as long as it is “Live” i.e. allocated to a frame, and has the correct IP address set in the “My Systems” Screen
3) Look in lower left corner of screen .. Click on “Matrix Event Log”
4) Look in upper right hand corner ... click on small circle with arrow... “PLAY”
5) Click on “Request Info”
6) Click on “Matrix Overview”
7) Click on “Send” . Give it time to populate the screen
8) Click “Export” and save the file in a location where you can locate it easily, the desktop for example....
9) Attach the exported XML file to an email and send it to us.

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